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Before buying personal property or accepting personal property as collateral for a loan, you should always do a personal property search to ensure the property is free and clear of any liens. This protects you by ensuring you do not become liable for the unpaid debt of what you are buying. In the event that there is a lien registered against the property, the person requesting the search should contact the secured party or creditor for more information.

-This information is not confidential and is available to the public.
-Lien Searches that are available include:
-Business Debtor Search
-Certificate of Expired or Discharged Registration Number Search
-Distribution Seizure Search
-Individual Debtor Search
-Registration Number Search
-Serial Number Collateral Search
-A search can be conducted by individual or business debtor name, serial number (for goods that are considered serial number goods), or by registration number. Any of the text that makes up a general collateral or particulars description cannot be used as search criteria.

-When completing a registration, legislation requirements that govern each registration must be followed. For complex registrations it is advisable to consult a lawyer prior to registration to determine requirements and priorities.

-Registration definitions have been provided as a general guideline only for registration purposes.

-Security Agreement: A security interest under the Personal Property Security Act, including leases for the term of more than one year, transfers of accounts, or chattel paper and consignments.

-Writ of Enforcement: Document filed with the clerk of the Queen’s Bench. Registered with the personal property registry to enforce a creditor’s interest.

-Garageman’s Lien: A garageman registers a lien against an owner’s vehicle for repairs, parts or storage for which he has not been paid.

-Sale of Goods and Factor Act Registrations: A buyer’s interest in goods left in the possession of the seller.

-Matrimonial Property Order: An interest of a spouse given exclusive possession by a court of a mobile home or household goods under the Matrimonial Property Act.

-Crown Charge: A lien, charge, or other interest of the Crown created by any law in Canada.

-Land Charge: An interest in real property of a corporation that secures payment or performance of an obligation under section 59.2 of the Law of Property Act.

-Maintenance Order: An Order or interim order of a court in Alberta. Maintenance means maintenance, support, or alimony.

-Railway Rolling Stock: A mortgage deed under section 63 of the railway act.

-Court Orders: Any order authorized by a court or statute.

-Attachment Order: An order granted by the court prior to judgment, to attach to property in order to protect an interest.

-Receiver’s Report: A notice of a financial statement or final account of the receiver’s administration.

-Statutory Charge: A lien, charge, or other interest that affects property and is created under an enactment in force in Alberta.

-All of the above types of registrations may be registered in person at a registries office. The forms are available online, or in the office. When you come in, we will require the paper work to be filled out, along with acceptable identification.

-All land title information and documents held by the Alberta Land Titles office are public information and we can search for current titles, copy of documents, or historical titles, by the legal land description. Please read below to determine what documents you need. -Current Title: A current title search identifies the current owner of a property and will show all outstanding interests in the land. These interests can be anything from mortgages, caveats, builder’s liens or city easements. -In order to obtain a title, we will require the legal land description, which consists of a plan, block and lot. We can also obtain the title through the LINC number, title number, or the meridian/range/township/section/quarter. If you do not have a legal land description we will do our best to assist you in obtaining it. -Copy of Document: Depending on the date that the document was registered, a copy of the document may be produced in two ways. We will require the document number to process the service. If the document was registered with land titles before 1973, a request will have to be filed with land titles to obtain a copy. This service is not done immediately. If the document was registered with land titles after 1973, the copy of the document may be printed on the spot. -Historical Title: If you wanted to know who owned the property before the current owners, you can request a historical search from the registry office. Several types of information may be required to locate a historical title such as, reference title numbers, owner’s name, and legal description. Some historical titles are available on the Alberta Registries Land Titles Automation (ALTA) system while some are on microfilm, or microfiche, depending on when the title was cancelled. -If you require any changes to be made to your land titles, please call to confirm what you will need to bring with you.
Disclaimer: While we have done our best to describe what you need for a service, every situation is unique and variable circumstances may change the requirements for a service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding proper documents, please don’t hesitate to call so we can ensure you have everything you need the first time.