Commissioner For

Commissioner For Oaths

-A commissioner for oaths’ in the province of Alberta may witness signatures on legal documents such as statutory declarations, land titles transfers, vital statistics documents, divorce documents etc.

-A commissioner for oaths may not certify true copies, complete documents, etc.

-If your documents are leaving Alberta, we recommend you go to a Notary Public, as our signatures may not be valid. Similarly, some documents state that they must be notarized.

-Do not sign any of your documents prior to coming to the registry to have them commissioned.

-You must bring your valid driver’s license or passport.

Disclaimer: While we have done our best to describe what you need for a service, every situation is unique and variable circumstances may change the requirements for a service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding proper documents, please don’t hesitate to call so we can ensure you have everything you need the first time.

We will be closed Monday September 13th, 2021 for a staff function. We will be open at our normal time on Tuesday September 14th.

We now have an online queue management system in place at FRIAR Registries. We have implemented this system so that you can wait in the comfort of your car or add your name to the queue from home before you leave.

You will be called into the office as waiting space is available.